Rihanna and Chris Brown are jetting off to Barbados for NYE

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Rihanna is planning to treat her on/off rumoured boyf Chris Brown to a ‘bonding holiday’ in her home country of Barbados for New Years Eve 2012.

That’s a pretty generous Crimbo gift… Wonder what he’ll get her in return? A black eye maybe? Ohhh snap.

Rihanna Chris Brown

Ri-Ri has apparently booked out a super swanky five star in the exclusive A-lister area of the Gold Coast, to try and convince her loved ones back at home that Chris is a changed man these days, and that she is right to take him back. She’s also planning on flying out Chris’ mum so that both families can bond together.

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We need some convincing too Ri-Ri, can we come to Barbados Bonding 2012?

Chris Brown

A source told The Sun that “the more the public criticise Rihanna for getting back with Chris, the more determined she is to do whatever she wants. While no one else can understand it, she’s convinced that Chris is the love of her life and that they’re simply meant to be together.”

Hmmm. We’re pretty sure that trying to prove the public wrong is NOT the ideal reason to get back with a guy that messed your face up. But each to their own.

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Do you think Chris has left his abusive ways behind him or should Rihanna get rid?



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