Taylor Swift talks personal relationships... with her 22 million Twitter followers

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If you are following Taylor Swift on Twitter, you better count yourself lucky as you are part of the special few who she reckons she shares a particularly close bond with.

Well, we say few but it might be best to take that in the loosest possible form as that technically adds up to you and another 21million odd fans hanging about in her highly exclusive inner circle.

Taylor Swift on personal relationships and Twitter trolls

Celebs might make a fuss about wearing sunglasses and hiding their faces behind their manbags when they get papped out and about, but from what we can tell there's nothing they like more than airing their dirty laundry online.

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But as far as we're aware, Swifty has never been the biggest tweeter or even the type to start the odd Pro Green style Twitter spat. But even so she reckons she keeps it real where her online followers are concerned.

“I think it’s all how you use it," she told the Hot Hits. "I don’t have like a team of people who operate it, I just use it when I wanna tell them something, or when I think something’s funny.”

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“I think for me, it feels like a personal relationship. And yeah it’s a personal relationship with 22 million people, but it’s still a personal relationship."

Taylor Swift on personal relationships and Twitter trolls

But taking things so personally can have its downsides too, especially when it comes to the Twitter trolls lurking about under bridges waiting to jump out at her.

Swifty's used to it though and likes to focus on the real fans, as she explained: “Sometimes if I see something that isn’t nice I’ll just quickly go to the next one, like read the next one,"

"The thing I love to look at the responses fir is to determine, like, the set list for tour. ‘Cos I can tell based on what my fans are tweeting about the most, I can tell what songs they like the most. And that’s how I put together the setlist.”

Well it's nice to hear that she actually listens to what her fans have to say, but if she fancies getting into one teeny tiny celeb spat, we have to say that we'd still be pretty into it all the same.

Taylor Swift on personal relationships and Twitter trolls

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