Emma Watson, James Arthur and a flock of women spotted partying at Mahiki - PICS

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After being spotted out and about with a face full of lipstick smears earlier this week, X Factor contestant James Arthur has been showing off his charming ways again after being spotted leaving posh London club Mahiki with a group of ladies in the early hours.

Emma Watson was also there, although we can't imagine why if she was wanting to keep as low a profile as her big face-hiding hat suggests.

Emma Watson, X Factor's James Arthur and loads of girls spotted partying at Mahiki - PICS

From what we can tell, James has more pulling power than the Pied Piper and was spotted looking fit as he left  the club with a gal pal on each arm.

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Clearly that Marvin Gaye cover he did at the weekend has worked like a charm on woman-kind and James doesn't seem to be able to step out with a crowd of girls surrounding him.

He wasn't the only celeb on a night out, although Emma seemed to be trying to keep more of a low profile as she ducked her head from the paps as she made her way home.

Being more sensible than the TOWIE type crowd usually found lurking outside posh clubs, she had minimum skin on show and was bundled up in a black coat and hat. They were perfectly nice, despite covering up the wonders of whatever outfit she was wearing beneath it.

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Emma Watson, X Factor's James Arthur and loads of girls spotted partying at Mahiki - PICS

Despite that big hat hiding most of her face, we'd like to take this opportunity to say that we are 86% sure that Emma is still in possession of eyes and a forehead.

What do you think of all this?

It was probably good nobody asked Emma about Harry Styles. She's doesn't seem all that keen on talking about that episode, does she?


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