Eleanor Calder and Danielle Peazer hang out in New York together

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Payzer shippers, control your breathing at once. Pictures on the One Direction Twitter circuit have shown Eleanor Calder, Louis Tomlinson’s lady, and Danielle Peazer, ex girlyfriend of Liam Payne, both hanging out together in New York City.

Eleanor calder danielle peazer

We are definitely taking this as a spark of possibility that Liam and Danielle are rekindling their romance and YOU CANT STOP US SCAPERS.

Danielle and Eleanor, along with Perrie Edwards, loads of One Direction family members (and potentially Taylor Swift), headed to the big apple at the invitation of the 1D boys to join them at their biggest concert ever, which is to be held in Madison Square Gardens.

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We know the girls are both still really good mates, despite Liam and Danielle breaking up a while ago now, but does her decision to head to NY with the boys and their crew hint that there may be some unfinished business between the two of them? DOES SHE MISS THE PAYNIS?

Or does she just fancy a bit of a festive frolick in America and is popping by to support her ex boyfraaan?

Surely the girls could hang out at home, whereas the opportunity to see Liam on his busy international tour doesn’t come around very often...? AND MAYBE THIS IS WHY HE SQUASHED ALL THE LEONA LEWIS RUMOURS RECENTLY.

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Oh gahhhhd, our head hurts with Payzer possibility.





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