Now, you know we're not usually ones to judge (lies), but in the case where it looks like Rihanna is back together with Chris Brown, the man who strangled her almost to the point of unconsciousness after repeatedly punching her in the face, we think it's fair that we're at least allowed to say OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

chris brown and rihanna

Your friend and ours, Rihanna, posted a topless (naturally) picture of herself on Instagram this weekend, wearing an expensive looking gold necklace, believed to be a gift her to from her former assailant.

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'He told me "You better not give it away" ' was the accompanying comment. HMMM.

rihanna topless chris brown necklace

This comes after RiRi and "Breezy"'s duet 'Nobodies Business' has been revealed, where the pair sing about being in a relationship that nobody else has any rights in knowing anything about.

She then posted a snap of herself giving the woman-beater a kiss on the cheek backstage at a gig, saying; "You killed it tonight baby!"

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rihanna and chris brown kissing

It's nice that Chris Brown can now kill performances instead of threatening to kill women, isn't it?

Of course, it really isn't anyone else's business what people get up to in their spare time, but if you display pictures of yourself locked in an embrace with the man who beat the crap out of you, it's hard for us to not get involed.


Look, here's Rihanna in happier times, on the plane with us on her 777 tour. Lovely;


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Pics: Instagram

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