Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez pictured after spending the night together

Despite a sandstorm of rumours that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had split up, the couple still seem to be well and truly together - especially if these latest snaps are anything to go by.

Jelena were snapped in Justin's Ferarri (yes, FERARRI) leaving Selena's house after reportedly spending the night there together - where we can't imagine many games of scrabble took place, although there may well have been fondue.

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justin bieber and selena gomez pictured leaving her house together

The popstrels were also spotted holding hands backstage at KIIS FM's Jingle Bell Ball this weekend, sticking all the gossip about them breaking up firmly where the sun don't shine.

justin bieber and selena gomez back together

This is the part where we'd usually stick in some supporting quotes from The Biebs' Twitter account, but all his posts have been fairly work related, or #gym... so there's not much to go on there.

What do you think of this fairly damming eveidence that they're still an item? Are you over the moon with Jelena Joy, or FURIOUS BEYOND ALL BELIEF?

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