Union J's Josh Cuthbert - let's talk about your hair

Now, this isn't a story of any particular newsworthy importance (you know, like all other Sugarscape articles are), but we feel it's important to take a moment to reflect on Josh Cuthbert from Union J's hair. The X Factor has given it quite a revamp, hasn't it?

LOOK. Look how all-over-his-face it was at the beginning, fresh from the Triple J days. Straightened, slicked down to the side of his face, light brown and hiding a world of cheekbones.

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josh cuthbert union j hair

Then the style team gave him a bit of a jig about at the hairdressers, held him up next to a picture of Elvis and had a lightbulb moment - BEHOLD, the quiffmeister general, J-Cuthz v2.0:

union j josh cuthbert quiff hair elvis

Either that or he got caught in a stiff breeze while hanging upside down and just decided to go with it.

Obviously we think Josh looks absolutely face-lickingly devine with both hairdos, but which version do you prefer? WE MUST KNOW.

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Here's a collection of his sad faces from the X Factor exit interview if it'll help you decide;


Er, you can get back to what you were doing now, thanks.

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Images: PA / Wenn


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