Taylor Swift: "I don't know how to make relationships last"

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Just as she's pictured holding hands with Harry Styles and sending the One Direction fandom into a right TIZZY, Taylor Swift's Cosmopolitan magazine hits the shelves, where she reveals what she doesn't understand about relationships;

How to make them last," she admits.

"I’ve never had a really long relationship, so I have no idea what that’s like. Wish me luck for the future!”

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But she goes on to say that she doesn't take sussing out a partner too easily, with a laid-back approach and no 'rules' - which some might say means 'she'll just go with anyone'. Not us. Obvs.

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“Yeah, absolutely. I really don’t have any rules about dating when it comes to height, age, career choice, anything like that," Tay Swizzlay went on.

"It doesn’t matter. It’s really more about strength of character. When it comes to age I’ve been all over the map!”

True. Jake Gyllenhaal was nine years older than her, and Harry Styles is four years younger. Interesting. Let's read on.

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“I don’t know. I think that idea of love I hope for is that you learn a lesson and you don’t have to learn it twice. But the song I Knew You Were Trouble is about when I knowingly made the same mistake twice. I couldn’t resist it – there’s that temptation to push yourself into a risky situation with someone who is going to hurt you, and that’s what that song is about: not trusting your own instincts and ignoring all the red flags.”

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Speaking about her ex-boyfriends, she reveals that a few of them have contacted her about songs she’s supposedly written about them:

“Yes. Only the vocal ones though. The ones that love the sound of their own voice, whether it be an email or text message… or barrage of text messages. But it’s only happened a few times with the ones that really were choice human beings. The thing is, they’re just guessing that the song is about them. I put details in my songs but never first and last names, and I definitely don’t include social-security numbers!”


You might think that being an international superstar and having one of the universe's most desired boys on her arm would make ol' T-Swizz pretty sure of herself, but even she admits that she can feel a little flakey sometimes.

taylor swift cosmopolitan magazine

“One thing I’ve learnt is that if you don’t have it, it’s so easy to fake it," she reveals.

"So if you really want to walk into a room and make friends and make the best of it, there are some tricks you can do… Throw your shoulders back, have a really good posture and walk like you belong there.”

Right, we're off to hopefully not put our neck out and try that in the kitchen, where SOMEONE will have to make us a cuppa tea.


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