Cheryl Cole suing for £1.4 million after being sacked from X Factor USA

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After being booted off the X Factor USA for being too flippin’ Geordie (WYE AYE PET), Cheryl Cole has decided that she’s pretty peed off by the whole thing.

She reckons that actually, she needs £1.4 million (that’s $2.3 million) in compensation for the whole trauma. Yep that’s right, trauma.

cheryl cole

Cheryl was let go from the show before filming even got under way (so she didn’t even DO ANYTHING, let’s just remember that), but is claiming that she signed a ‘Pay or Play’ contract, which meant that she’d receive $1.8 million for the first season and $2 million for the second, even if she didn't appear on the programme.

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Bit like an X Factor judge pre-nup.

cheryl cole

And apparently, those millions didn’t even include expenses, including $100,000 wardrobe allowance, $25,000 for a stylist, as well as $15,000 per month for hotel lodging in Los Angeles and $2,500 a month for other living expenses.

We’re just going to go and look at our bank balance again and wonder what went wrong.

We’re guessing this puts a bit of a spanner in the works for her coming back to UK X Factor next year then. Simon isn’t gonna be too pleased that she's nicking all his money.

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Do you think Cheryl deserves to be paid everything she’s claiming?

Cheryl Cole has a fart problem. LOL.

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