Harry Styles started dating Taylor Swift before Conor Kennedy

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When the news that Harry Styles and Taylor Swift are dating shagging faking a relationship doing something together first broke, there was speculation that Tay couldn't possibly be over her ex Conor Kennedy.

In fact, it was suggested that she was simply using the hairy boyband singer (told you we loved that nickname) to make him jealous.

one direction with their girlfriends in new york

Well, that theory may need a bit of a rethink - because new evidence has come to light that suggests Conor may have been but a brief speedbump - a minor distraction, if you will - on the Haylor road.

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Because apparently, Harreh and Tay Swizzle first started dating back in March of this year, before she fell for Conor.

"They had a couple of dates back when they met, but the timing wasn't right," an insider told Look magazine. "They were busy with work, then Taylor met Conor Kennedy and fell hard for him. But she and Harry stayed in touch throughout the summer."

As we all know, Taylor dated C-Kendz for just three months before their romance fizzled out - and according to sourcey-pants, it wasn't long before Harry was back in touch with the 'Trouble' singer.

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"As soon as Harry found out Taylor was single again, he went after her," said the source. "Dating has always been a bit of a cat and mouse game for him, and he's never really had a girl say no to him before."

Harry Styles Taylor Swift

Sorry, we'd just like to interrupt here to pose a very important question. Who is the cat and who is the mouse in this scenario? Hmm? Mull that one over while we continue.

"When Taylor started dating Conor so soon after their dates, it made Harry realise how much he likes her. Both he and Taylor are very easy-going people and they have incredible chemistry," added the insider.

"They have loads in common and talk about music endlessly - Harry thinks Taylor's music is brilliant and has been asking for songwriting tips. Plus they both love Scrabble."

SAY WHAAA? Scrabble? Ah yes we imagine that's why Harreh was looking so pleased with himself when he left Tay's hotel room in New York last week - he'd managed to nab two triple word scores.

"Harry's a combination of the best part of her exes," the source continued. "He has the charm of John Mayer, the sensitivity of Jake Gyllenhaal and the boyish good looks of Conor."

harry styles taylor seift together

Well, there you have it Scapers - Tay Swiz may have a fair few ex-boyfriends, but she's found the perfect man in the scrabble loving, cat (or mouse) like, music listening Harry Styles. Supposedly.

What do you make of all this?


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