Trolls want to kidnap Chris Maloney's nan?

Chris Maloney may have been one of the most controversial X Factor contestants since Frankie Cocozza put Columbia up his nose; but his nan is one of the people we love most in the world ever. Like, seriously, we want her to be our surrogate nana.

So you can imagine how verging on becoming The Hulk we are at the news that evil Twitter trolls have threatened to kidnap her. BACK OFF OUR NAN, BITCHES.

Now mag report that before last week’s final an online nana hater tweeted: “If Chris wins, I’ll take his nan hostage!”

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Like any red blooded human whose nan gets weirdness, Christopher is proper angry, “he’s panicking that these nutters could carry out their threats,” a friend told the mag.

In fact ol’ Baloney is so angry about his nan being brought into the meanness that that he told Now that he’ll be “taking action against the people responsible.”


At least Nana M will have Union J to protect her.

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