Robert Pattinson thinks Kristen Stewart 'smells bad'

Robert Pattinson doesn’t exactly look fresh as a daisy on a spring morning, does he? In fact, as much as we’d like to put our fingers through his hair, we worry that they’d a) get stuck, or b) come out with the kind of residue you get on your hands when you touch a bike chain.

Anyway, we’re getting sidetracked, according to Now magazine, ol’ Bobby P has been moaning to Kristen Stewart about the way she smells. Apparently KStew is a proper soap dodger. Eugh.

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“Rob’s a laid-back guy, but he finds Kristen’s grungy habits a turn-off. She doesn’t wash her hair often, only brushes her teeth once a day and rarely wears perfume,” a friend who smells of grass told the mag.

“He loved it when she made an effort for the Twilight promotion. But now she’s back to her old lazy self and he’s not impressed.”

Now that’s an awkward conversation, isn’t it? Stewie doesn’t look like the most approachable girls at the best of times, it must take a brave human to have the guts to tell her to change her crusty knickers and put some deodorant on.

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And on that we’ll leave you to watch this Twilight vid.


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