Russell Howard says Harry Styles and Nick Grimshaw's relationship is "weird"

Harry Styles and his bezzie Nick Grimshaw have been the subject of many dry comments from the media and other showbizzy types alike. Mainly of the “But there’s an age difference, it’s WEIRD, are they lovers? Are they just friends? They wear each others’ clothes, what’s going ON?!” variety, and Russell Howard has decided it’s about time he made his own enquiries about it.

russell howard

“I’d say I am a famous comedian, not a celebrity,” he told The Sun.

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“Some people latch into it and become friends with celebrities. It’s so odd. The one that intrigues me is Nick Grimshaw hanging out with Harry Styles.

“Like Nick is my age and Harry is about 18 and they play frisbee together – it’s really weird.

“How have they become best buddies? I’d rather hang out with my mates and do gigs.”

nick grimshaw and harry styles

Er, isn’t what they do?

Suit yourself, Howard.

Here's Grimmy telling us about a time he was mistaken for Harry's dad. Awks.

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