Taylor Swift is becoming a Harry Styles text stalker?

Scapers, listen and listen hard... or read hard. Whatever. Rule number one of dating is: DON’T TEXT HIM TOO MUCH. Yes sometimes boys take longer than four minutes to get back to you, and yes sometimes (a lot if you’re us) they never do; but whatever you do, DO NOT bombard a boy with text messages as it will weird him out. We hope you’re paying attention to this, Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles

According to a proper gobby mate, T-Swizzle has been getting a bit crazy lady on the ol’ text messages, sometimes texting Harry Styles up to 100 times a day. Bloody popstars not needing to worry about credit and data roaming.

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“Ever since they hooked up after her split from Conor Kennedy last month, Taylor’s been sending him loads of texts,” a not-so-great pal told Now.

“She tells him she’s thinking of him or that she’s just seen a lovely flower – basically she just narrates her life. One day she sent 100 texts!”

Look, if there’s a pretty flower then Hazza needs to know about it, alright?

A mate of Harry’s is also a bit concerned by how full on TayTay is becoming.

“He appreciated the attention at first, but now he’s wondering what he got himself into. We’re all telling him to back off slowly!”

Hmmm we wonder why Taylor has got through so many boyfriends... *scratches head, shrugs, walks away*.

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 Harry Styles was dating Taylor Swift before Conor Kenedy, so there


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