Taylor Swift: Harry Styles is fantastic. I love him.

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Well it looks like all those cupcakes, trips to the Lake District and Range Rover rides have really worked their magic on Taylor Swift as the star as apparently told a friend that she’s in love with Harry Styles.


Speaking in phrases they may or may not have come from a self-help book, The Mirror reports that T-Swizzle told a mate: “It’s crazy. He’s fantastic. I love him. He just puts you at ease. He’s the embodiment of youthful energy. It’s really inspiring.

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“He’s opening my mind to so many thoughts. Our relationship doesn’t feel like a weight.”

The embodiment of youthful energy? Well yeah sweetheart, that’s because he is a yoof.

In case you’re getting worried that Taylor is talking too much like she’s been brainwashed by a cult, she then had some regular, shallow things to say about her One Direciton fittie.

“We do normal things, like go out to eat, take pictures and make videos. He’s cute, incredibly good looking, smells good and I’m enjoying the flirtation.

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“Meeting him is just one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me.”

As for the future, Swifty Pants has something vague yet profound so say: “The future, the past, the present, where’s this all going? It’s like everything. But things are good.”

Although we must admit that Taylor didn’t look like she was enjoying having her mind opened to new thoughts when Arreh took her to his local Chinese for a birthday meal last week. Her face reminds us of the one we pulled when our dad said he was turning our room into a gym.

Well aint this all just grand in Love Land? Or as others may call it, Holmes Chappell.


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