Sugarscape's infamous Stupid Interview has made many a celebrity squirm in their seat at the thought of licking a tramp in the nostril. It's made the men of the showbiz world delight at the thought of having some rumpy pumpy with Nicki Minaj, and now it's made Frankie Cocozza say he'd knock out Harry Styles.

ALL AS A JOKE, OBVIOUSLY. Put your pitchforks / Twitter abuse away, thanks.

Frankie's one of the few shiny celebby types we've captured The Stupid Interview on video for - he's just too interesting to keep to the printed word.

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Join us as we find out where Frankie would lick a tramp, which celebrity he'd eat to survive, and why he'd IN THEORY get to angry with Harold Styles. Please be warned he says the C-word. C'mon, as if you'd expect anything less from El Franko.

What do you think?