Miley Cyrus: 'People who call me a sl*t are idiots'

Apparently being a celebrity isn't always about wearing sunglasses at night and ordering swimming pools be filled with only blue Smarties, and despite being engaged to Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus is used to getting negative attention from the public.

Saying that, she's more than capable of standing up for herself and has spoken out on Twitter about the way people see her.

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It all started when Miley responded to an image posted by E! showbiz reporter Ken Baker, that compared her and Taylor Swift's approach to boyfriends with the way they are sometimes portrayed in the public eye.

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The picture made a joke about how despite actually being engaged to just the one bloke, Miley is sometimes seen as having a rather colourful love life whereas despite having a fair few exes, Swifty is seen as being more 'inspirational'.

Responding to the snap she said: "Haha :) this made laugh. thanks for making me smile I needed it love u kb." [sic]

While some people seemed to jump to conclusions that Miley finds the way she is seen in comparison to Swifty unfair, she was quick to reinforce that she has no issue with Taylor, only how she herself is seen.

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"There is no tweet heat! Don't go trying to make this look like I started any kinda drama. I laughed because I know," Miley continued.

"People are idiots and call me a SL*T when I am engaged at 20 cuz I'm madly in love with ONE man. Just happy someone admitted it."

While we think Miley is RIGHT ON in standing up for herself, we also can't help thinking that there's no point judging a girl's romantic choices if we don't know the whole story about the inner goings on of their relationships in the first place.

We've all kissed that weird boy behind the bike sheds and had all our pals think we were absolutely crackers, right?

Go Miley. Go Swifty. Frankly we wish we were both of you rolled into one beautiful, musical ball of greatness.

What do you think?

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