Marvin Humes and Rochelle Wiseman dressed as Scary Spice and MC Hammer

When we saw Marvin Humes tweet from JLS's account that he was off to a 90s themed fancy dress paryt yesterday, we couldn't contain our excitement. What would he go as? The Fresh Prince of Bell Air? Zac Morris from Saved By The Bell? No, he was MC HAMMER.

Adding to the joy was his lovely lady wife Rochelle, who'd dolled herself up as none other than Scary Spice.

marvin humes rochelle wiseman fancy dress


Rochelle was also starting to show a teensy weensy little baby bump, which creates levels of excitement in the office we're sure you can begin to imagine, at the thought of Marvelle's shiny-skinned, beautiful new child of love and wonder.

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Will it be called Marvelle? Or maybe - if they were going for something more aggressive - ROCHVIN.

marvin humes rochelle wiseman

Rochelle's Saturdays bandmate Frankie Sandford also toddled along for the 90s fun, dressing up as Posh Spice with a long wig on, which took us back approx 4 years to when she had long locks and a sweepy-fringe-thing.

frankie sandford posh spice

What other pictures will emerge form the night? Mollie as Sporty Spice? Oritse as Geri Halliwell?

We can only dream.

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