Celebrities threaten to quit Instagram over plans to sell user photos

Instagram is a great place to get a glimpse into the actual lives of celebs (and look at cute cats) right? Right.

Well, that could all be about to change - because new privacy measures to be introduced by the photo sharing site have got everyone - including a whole load of celebs - threatening to quit Instagramming for good.


A new addition to the Instagram terms of service seemed to suggest that Instagram would be able to sell users images to advertisers, without offering any compensation to the person who actually TOOK the photo.

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P!nk summed up the general reaction to this news when she tweeted: “I WILL BE QUITTING INSTAGRAM TODAY. WHAT A BUMMER. YOU SHOULD ALL READ THEIR NEW RULES.”

Kim Kardashian joined in too, with: “I really loved Instagram :-( I need to review this new policy. I don’t think its fair.”

Other celebs including Lauren Conrad, Owl City, Jamie Bell, Sophia Bush and Seth Green also tweeted their plans to quit the photo sharing site before the new policy comes into effect on January 16th.

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And it seems their outrage may have been heard by Instagram top-dawgs, who released this statement in an attempt to save their butts reassure users.

“It is our mistake that this language is confusing. To be clear: it is not our intention to sell your photos…[The new terms of service] was interpreted by many that we were going to sell your photos to others without any compensation. This is not true," said co-founder Kevin Systrom.

“Instagram users own their content and Instagram does not claim any ownership rights over your photos. Nothing about this has changed. We respect that there are creative artists and hobbyists alike that pour their heart into creating beautiful photos, and we respect that your photos are your photos. Period.”


Hmm, well we hope that's true - the new rules would have been a NIGHTMARE for celeb types.

Just picture the scene - Niall Horan shares a photo of himself cooking with Justin Bieber - the next day his face is stuck on a billboard advertising instant noodles.

OK so we're not sure that's exactly what would happen, but you get the idea.

What do you instagrammers out there think to all this?

Images: PA/Twitter

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