Taylor Swift to buy a house near Harry Styles' mum?

It seems like The Haylor UK Lurve Tour 2012 has had a big impact on Taylor Swift, as it’s rumoured that the popette is now hoping to buy a house near where Harry Styles’ mum, Anne Cox lives. Oohh and aaahhh.

harry styles and taylor swift

As you all OBVIOUSLY know, One Direction’s Hazza took T-Swizzle to his dead posh home town of Holmes Chapel where the pair enjoyed doing things like going to the pub, holding huge birds and a trip to the Lake District.

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According to RadarOnline, Taylorrr was so enamoured by all the English countryside that she now wants her own “thick walled” cottage. We’ll be honest, we’ve never heard anything described as thick walled before.

“Harry and Taylor are crazy about each other... While they were in the UK, they had a chance to drive up to Harry's mom's place in Cheshire and Taylor fell in love with the gorgeous countryside. They spent a day in Holmes Chapel, with Harry's mom Anne and his sister Gemma, before driving up to the Lake District.

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“Taylor would love a really old, thick-walled cottage with a fireplace. She has asked Harry if he'll look at some places with her, since he knows the area.

“Harry's mother and sister have vowed to help her find the perfect place.”

So Foxy Coxy and G-Styles are in on the thick walled house hunt too? Schweet’arts, do us a favour and get us one too. Our neighbours have been wailing since stupid o’clock and we’re about to unleash our urban roots on them.

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift on sexy ski trip

"Harry Styles is fantastic. I love him."


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