He might have been getting his shoop shoop on up in the Utah mountains with new lady love Taylor Swift, but it sounds like One Direction's Harry Styles will be heading home for Christmas.

Harry Styles heads home without Taylor Swift for Christmas?

Having spent the last few days enjoying the snow at a ski resort, it's being reported that Harry is making his way back to fit mum Anne Cox's for Christmas.

A mysterious insider, who apparently seems to know Harold's calendar in minute detail, spoke to the Mirror, saying: “Harry and Taylor have spent a lot of time together recently as they really enjoy each other’s company, which is why they decided to go on the skiing mini-break together this weekend.”

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“They’re both massive stars and Taylor already had the commitment to go to Australia and Harry’s family were really keen to see him over the holidays.

"But they’re already planning their next meet up - Taylor has suggested to Harry that he flies out to Australia to meet up with her there.”

“Plus, it’s Louis Tomlinson’s 21st today and Harry wants to be around for any last-minute celebrations," the insider added.

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One Direction's Harry Styles heads home without Taylor Swift for Christmas?

We're glad to hear that - we'd imagine Louis wouldn't have much fun bashing a Birthday piñata without Harry around to give a very slow motion commentary.

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