Taylor Swift receives a singing telegram from Harry Styles for Christmas

So firstly, Harry Styles decides to send Taylor Swift a massive load of cupcakes for her birthday, and now, for Christmas, he apparently sent her a singing telegram. It’s official, Harry is the greatest present giver of all time. Who needs diamonds or roses or a Ferrari when you can have a random singing bloke? YEEEES PLEASE.


Despite being apart over Crimbo, Harry decided he wanted to prove to his girlyfriend that he was still thinking about her, and what better way to do that than send over some random bloke to sing in her face? AMAZING.

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Word on the grapevine is that Hazza got his telegram man to perform a country and western style version of What Makes You Beautiful. Hold us, please. We just cannot even.


Sources have revealed that "Even though they were apart on Christmas Day, he wanted to make sure she'd be thinking of him. The singagram was an ideal present.”

"She has a great sense of humour. He knew she'd think it was hilarious."

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The mystery insider also claimed that Haylor enjoyed a romantic Skype sesh on Christmas Day. Maybe they pretended to pull crackers and had a game of Trivial Pursuit over the net.


"Harry and Taylor can't get enough of each other. Any moment they can spend together, they do," they explained. "But Harry is also very close to his family. He wanted to be back home with them for Christmas."

If any men are out there who fancy winning us over, a singagram is the way to do it. Or food. Send nachos AND a singagram please.

Would a singing telegram from Harry Styles capture your heart?


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