FESTIVE CELEB TWITPICS: Niall Horan wears a Christmas jumper, Danielle Peazer sips champers and Tom McFly makes us sob

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It’s the bit of Christmas that you’ve all been waiting for. Forget opening a gazillion presents. Forget eating until you want to die. FORGET watching your nan get drunk on WKDs and dancing to Rude Boi. It’s time for.... FESTIVE CELEB TWITPICS *applause*

This weeks special installment features Olly Murs with a cracker hat on, Niall Horan getting into the festive spirit good and proper, and Justin Bieber with a stupid hat on.

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olly murs

Olly Murs transformed into an embarassing grandad at the dinner table, sporting a delightful yellow hat and some kind of wrapping paper cigar. Kind of liking the tash though, very festively foxy.

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danielle peazer

Danielle Peazer had a sophisticated Crimbo and sipped on champers and strawberries. And check out those gorgey peepers.

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justin bieber

We imagine it aint that cold in California or LA or Miami or whichever luxury location Justin Bieber decided to spend his Crimbo in. So not only is this hat very silly, it's also pointless. Good job his face is carved by angels to save him.

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Nothing says Christmas like an ugly green font. Good effort on the hat though Ri-Ri.

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 tom mcfly

Sorry if this just made you cry. Tom McFly thoroughly depressed us with this little shot. NOOOO COME BACK CHRISTMAS. WE ARENT FINISHED YET.

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niall horan

Never have we seen Niall looking more dapper. Although we think the penguin jumper might be EVEN better. Penguin in a top hat = excellent.

Which celebs caught your eye on the Twitter circuit this Crimbo?

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