Justin Bieber's hamster Pac is alive and well. PHEW.

After all the trouble he caused giving away his little furry friend, Justin Bieber will probably be pleased to know that his ex-hamster Pac, is very much alive and probably the most pampered little rodent in all the land, according to his new owner.

justin bieber

Biebz came under fire from a selection of outraged animal charities who claimed that giving his pet away to a fan he didn’t know was a cruel thing to do and could have caused a lot of unnecessary stress for the critter. However his new owner, Victoria Blair who had greatness thrust upon her at the Jingle Ball in Atlanta, has confirmed that ALL IS WELL.

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“He’s fine. He sleeps during the day and plays at night - he’s acting like a normal hamster”. she told Celebuzz. PHEW. Thank the heavens.

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“I worship that little hamster - I love him.” It’s true y’know, she has tiny palm leaves that she fans him with, and feeds him only the finest flapjack.

Victoria is so smitten with Pac that she intends to train him to become some kind of Super Hamster by the sounds of things. “I bought him a ball and he runs around. He stays right beside my bed. He’ll wake me up and roll around. The next big thing I’m going to get him is a hamster playground”.

pac hamster

Cute, he’s a baller just like his daddy. And we can only imagine the amazingness that a hamster playground entails, we may have to invest.

We just love a happy ending. God speed, little Pac. Are you relieved to hear that Hamstin Bieber is alive and kicking?


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