Katy Perry and John Mayer to marry?

It seems things could be getting serious between Katy Perry and John Mayer - if a certain 'close friend' of the couple is to be believed, anyway.

Yep, the insider claims that John (previously known as Mayer the Player) is crazy about K-Pez, and even suggests he could pop the question very soon.

“John is completely cuckoo for Katy," said the friend. "They are, like, the perfect match for each other. They can talk about music, writing, traveling.

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"John really likes the fact that Katy is so independent and not needy and clingy like other girls he has dated. This is the first time John has felt so strongly about a girlfriend”

Ouch - we imagine Johnno's ex-girlfriends won't be too happy with that last part *cough* Taylor Swift *cough*.

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The pal continued: “It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he proposed to her. Not immediately but eventually. They both really do bring out the best in each other.”

Fine with us, there's nothing we love better than a big wedding - but what do you lot think?

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