Dakota Fanning on Kristen Stewart: 'We're homebodies... she cooks for me'

After appearing in both The Runaways and The Twilight Saga together, it's no surprise that Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning are friends - and now Dakota has opened up about her pal.

While we always imagined an evening at Kristen's house would involve reading loads of deep and meaningful books while listening to loads of deep and meaningful music, apparently the reality is very different.

kristen stewart dakota fanning

"We’re homebodies,” Dakota told USA Today. “She cooks for me. She loves to cook. I go to her house.

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"Certainly there are times it’s crazy, but we’re also just friends. We go to Target to get wrapping paper. She has to do things like everyone else.’”

After revealing that Krizzle's speciality is roasted vegetables (erm, yummy?) Dakota went on to have a little bit of a rave about how great her mate is.

“She is 100% herself 100% of the time, which is admirable and difficult to do,” she said. “She’s very unapologetic of herself. She does everything to the fullest. She’s really honest.”

kristen stewart dakota fanning friends

Yeah, apart from that whole snogging Rupert Sanders in a car thing - but let's not even go there.

What do you make of all this - can you see Kristen in an apron, whisk/ladle/kitchen instrument of choice in hand?

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