Jesy Nelson on cheating boyfriends: "I'd give him a slap around the earhole"

Little Mix are a pretty badass sort of girlband with some pretty righteous songs so it's good to hear that when it comes to boys, bandmember Jesy Nelson won't be taking any dicking about.

We'd always imagined that popstars were quite into flowing free and wild, but apparently free love - where you are free to shag and snog whoever you fancy - isn't exactly her cup of tea.

Asked her thoughts on free love by Popjustice, Jesy said: "Erm no, I'm not really a believer of that.

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"If my boyfriend would have done that, he'd be gone. I'd tell him to do one."

We all know Jesy is pretty loved up with fit boyfriend Jordan Banjo, but we reckon the Diversity dancer better watch himself as if he ever strays he'll have a pretty kick ass Jesy to face.

"I'd give him a slap round the earhole," she added. "I'd tell him to clear off!"

Jesy Little Mix out on date with Jordan Banjo

Frankly it sounds like she's been getting a few tips from the Perrie Edwards school of dating to us.

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So what do you think of all that then?

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