Kim Kardashian gets Twitter abuse for clubbing while pregnant

Kim Kardashian’s only just announced that she’s pregnant with Kanye West’s baby, and she’s already being abused for it. The glossy haired, um, (we’d usually put someone’s job in here but we’re not really sure…) gal posted a picture of herself out clubbing for New Year’s Eve, and received a TORRENT OF HATE in the comments that followed.

kim kardashian twiiter abuse clubbing while pregnant

Commenters were calling Kim unfit to be a mother, and asking “I mean should you really be in the club if you're pregnant? Classy…” and “You shouldn’t be parting now, you’re a momma,” as well as being accused of “f**king up” her baby. Lovely.

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im kardashian pregnant with kanye west

Er, we’re just going to point out that Kim’s pictures show her having fun with her friends and fella, no drink in her hand, and not even doing of the “outlandish” dance moves some members of the Sugarscape team found themselves busting out come New Year’s Eve.

kim kardashian and kanye west

Still, some people were obviously offended that Kim reckoned she could leave the house and prance about while growing a little human.

What do you reckon?

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Pics: Wenn / PA / Instagram

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