The Saturdays arrive at LAX and look better after an 11 hour flight than we do ever.

We’re currently researching evidence that The Saturdays aren’t living, breathing human women, but are in fact abnormally sexy angels, created by the gods and incapable of ever looking bad.

Yes we know that you think we’re talking crap, but stay with us for this. After a long flight our skin takes on a corn beef type hue, our hair forms a strange layer of grease, and we have massive sweat patches despite the fact we’re shivering in the pyjamas that we insist on travelling it.

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Here are The Saturdays arriving at LAX (that’s an airport in LA, not something to make you poo) after a really long flight.

The Saturdays

SAAYYYY WHUUUT? We like how Mollie King is so posh that she matches her luggage with her massive heels.

Frankie Sandford looking chicer than the Mayor of Chic Town.

Una goes double denim, kind of like a sexy cowgirl.

Mollie looking for Rochelle in her big posh suitcase. She’s preggers, she doesn’t fit in it anymore, love.

So these pics have made us feel better about the fleece trousers we’re currently wearing, with the Christmas robins and a tea stain on them.

The Saturdays bikini and wetsuit up for some surf lessons

The Saturdays airport FASH OFF

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