Cara Delevingne was forced to dump Harry Styles for being too "down market"?

Before Harry Styles bagged himself a bang tidy pop chick, he was in the process of bagging himself a bang tidy top model chick in the form of Cara Delevingne.

The world went a little bit crazy when the two were spotted out partying and Cara took a ride in the Range Rover of Love; but the romance was unfortunately short lived as Miss Delelelvignigne’s (yes), agency Storm thought it was far too trashy for her to be dating a boyband member. Oi, Storm, One Direction isn’t just a boyband, it’s a way of living.

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“Storm just thought Harry was too down market, they didn’t think Cara should be dating a member of a boyband – it was all too low rent,” a source told The Sunday People.

“They hung out for a while but as far as they were concerned it was never going to go anywhere.”

Look right, can we just say that Hazza is like WELL posh. He shops in Waitrose and wears blazers and everything.

One of Cara’s pals confirmed this to The Sunday People, adding that her career is just far too important to ruin for the big nostrilled one.

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“Cara did like Harry but in all honesty she knew her career was more important and she wasn’t willing to let anything risk it.

“Harry really wanted to be with her but she finished it just before he got with Taylor Swift.”

Well would you look at that Hazza, where one Delevingne door closes, another Swiftly opens. OH DID YOU SEE WHAT WE DID THERE?

So what do you make of all of this? Is Hazza of the Stazza too common to be going out with a top model, or is it all just a bit unfair.

Oh and Harry, we are most definitely not supermodels, does this mean you can date us? No? Alright then.

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