Rihanna hits back at Whitney Houston 'overdose' comparison - calls fan a 'weak b*tch'

We imagine Rihanna's 'people' were banging their heads against various objects while cursing the inventors of instagram this week, after Rihanna used the site to call one fan a 'weak b*tch'.

The dramah all started after Ri-Ri posted the pic below two weeks ago - which appears to show her smoking something not entitrely legal, along with the caption: "Friday night getting a lil fuzzy".

rihanna weak bitch

The photo recieved thousands of likes and comments, but it seems Ri-Ri didn't appreciate one follower comparing her to Whitney Houston - who tragically died due to the effects of chronic cocaine use and heart disease. 

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"She is going to end like Whitney if she keep doing drugs like she's doing right now [sic]" wrote the fan this week.

A comment not 'well recieved' by Ri, who replied: "yea cuz Whitney overdosed on a joint!! Fuck outta here u weak bitch!!".

rihanna weak bitch tweet

Ouch. Ri later deleted the comments, but not before these cheeky screengrabs were taken by fellow users.

The 'Diamonds' singer has made no secret of her habit of late, often posting photos and comments related to 'smoking'.

She's also come under heavy fire for getting back together with violent ex-Chris Brown, who infamously beat her up in 2009.

What do you make of Ri-Ri's response - too far?

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Images: Instagram

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