Tom Fletcher's Mcfly wedding speech (well, song) has MADE US CRY - watch here

McFly's Tom Fletcher has finally given us a video glimpse inside his beautiful wedding to Giovanna Falcone last May, and posted his wedding speech - which he sung - online. Scroll down for the video.

tom fletcher mcfly wedding video

It's FRICKIN' BEAUTIFUL and has turned us all into blubbering wrecks who think their boyfriends are crap.

Tom basically takes McFly songs and changes the lyrics to make a musical wedding speech, and everyone eats that shizz up. His parents can be visibly seen sobbing throughout the whole thing, and it we're seriously starting to question whether that wedgie our fella gave us for Christmas was as romantic as he made out.

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tom fletcher wedding video harry judd

Look, there's Harry Judd having a manly chin-scratch, and Dougie Poynter having a not so manly giggle.

tom fletcher wedding video dougie

Alongside his snazzy little Powerpoint presentation, it all climaxes in a finale of singing to Giovanna, with s BLOODY CHOIR.


tom fletcher wedding speech

Are we watching Love Actually 2?

If you fancy a small weep, check it out below;

We're off to hyperventilate to McFly's Greatest Hits. Laters.

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