"Taylor Swift is so annoying" - TOWIE's Chloe Sims on Harry Styles split

Everyone and their pet poodle has something to say about One Direction’s Harry Styles and Taylor Swift’s whirlwind romance and massive breakup.

But while we wait for TSwizzle to write a song about the density of Hazza’s pubes and how long it takes him to say “Constantinople”, there’s a certain Chloe Sims of The Only Way is Essex “fame”, who’s getting her talons out for Taylor.

Chloe sims

"She’s cringe! She is so annoying,” said Chloe on Loaded TV. Ahem.

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“That song, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - I can cope with the song, but the video. It’s so annoying.

“I can’t take that video I am so glad they broke up.”

So annoying video equals not-allowed-to-have-a-hot-boyfriend-and-be-happy. OK then.

For that pearl of stupidity we sentence you, Chloe Sims, to have the video on loop in your mind for forever and everrrr.

Come on, you’ve gotta stand up for TSwizzle for this one, right?

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