Kristen Stewart asks Robert Pattinson to stop waxing his chest

If we were dating Robert Pattinson, there's not really a thing we'd want him to change - apart from his slightly alarming tendancy to favour a backwards baseball hat, perhaps.

That's not the case for girlfriend Kristen Stewart though, who is said to be unhappy with Rob's lack of hair in the chest department.

Robert Pattinson with his flies down promoting Cosmopolis - PICS

In fact, she's such a fan of a chest rug that she's reportedly asked Bobby P to stop waxing - because she wants him to go for a more mature 'masculine' look.

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Anyone else imagining Rob lounging around the salon in a fluffy robe, before requesting that his beautician Shanaynay* uses "the pink wax" because "it hurts less"?

Oh, just us then.

A source told Now magazine: "Everyone's waiting for him to kick off about her fascination with older men, but he just carries on doing whatever she wants. He's a bit of a chump."

rob kristen chest hair

Well that's not very nice now, is it sourcey-pants?

What do you think - should Robbie dazzler stick to his (hairless) guns, or go au natural and start spouting a bit o' torso fluff?

*We can not confirm that this is the actual name of Rob's beautician.

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