"Zayn Malik's always all over Perrie Edwards, they're so in love." Exclusive from Little Mix's Jesy Nelson

We had a brief chatter with Jesy Nelson from Little Mix yesterday, and stumbled across the subject of "intimate moments."


We were chatting away about being caught in said "intimate moment," and The Jezzter couldn't remember the last time she'd been walked in on doing anything particularly personal (either that or she didn't want to tell us, lord knows why), and started to muse about catching some of her Little Mix bandmates "in the act" - so to speak.

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perrie edwards and zayn malik zayn and perrie

"Probably Zayn and Perrie," she told us.

"They’re always having intimate moments, they’re so in love with each other.

"They’re literally all over each other. Well, he’s all over her. He just loves her."

Perrie once demonstrated how she snogs for us, so if you're interested in seeing what Zayn's on the receiving end of, skip to around the 1.40 mark in this lovely video;


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