Little Mix: 'We wear the trousers in our relationships'

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The Little Mix gals have proved just how fiesty they really are in their first ever US interview - revealing that when it comes to boyfriends, they wear the trousers.

Or as that line in 'Wings' goes: "If they give you sh*t, then just walk on by." Sorry, we thought that was quite clever.

Speaking to Seventeen after scoring a US record deal, Jesy said: "We all have boyfriends, we're not about letting boys take advantage of girls.

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"We wear the trousers in our relationships; none of us have ever done anything crazy for a boy."

Oh Sam, Zayn, Jordan and Jordan - we hope you're listening.

That doesn't mean they're not all WELL IN LOVE though - Perrie went on to explain that their album DNA is actually all about falling for someone.

perrie edwards and zayn malik zayn and perrie

"When a girl first gets with a boy, that kind of romance makes you feel really giddy and happy," she said. "That's what DNA is about.

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"Everything on the album is about our own experiences. We perform better when the lyrics mean something to us when we sing them."

There's no doubt in our minds that Pezza is one feisty lady, as our recent interview with her shows. 'I wouldn't mess me around, if I was a boy,' she laughs. Watch the video below and see for yourselves!


"Zayn Malik's always all over Perrie Edwards, they're so in love." Exclusive from Little Mix's Jesy Nelson

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