Little Mix's Perrie Edwards burns her bum during tour rehearsals - VIDEO

As if recovering from having her tonsils taken out wasn't enough of the trials and tribulations for Perrie Edwards to be going on with, the Little Mix singer has been involved in another incident, this time involving a burn in the bum area.

Perrie Edwards burns her bum during Little Mix tour rehearsals - WATCH VIDEO

Pezza isn't the only one feeling a bit under the weather at the mo and we're not sure why she picked bandmate Jade - who seems to have lost her voice - to help relive her tale of woe. We quite like her squarky voice though.

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Currently busy rehearsing for their upcoming tour, disaster struck when Perrie accidentally chucked a boiling hot Lemsip down her legs and ended up burning herself in a fairly sensitive place.

Her arse.

Perrie Edwards burns her bum during Little Mix tour rehearsals - WATCH VIDEO

It was lucky she had the other girls around and they dragged her striaght off to the loos where they happily chucked a bottle of water down her knickers and proceeded to pat her arse cheeks dry with a tissue. Yes, really.

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As Perrie explained: "When you burn your bum, you've got to let it all out."

We hope she was referring to the tears and not anything else to be honest.

As much as we love Perrie, we'd probably feel more sorry for her if she didn't have a Zayn Malik shaped boyfriend to kiss it repeatedly better. That sounds like a pretty good deal.

But what do you think?

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