Niall Horan to join the Kardashians?

In news that would make the world a little weirder, Kim Kardashian’s sisters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner are desperate to get their buddy Niall Horan to appear on their reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Say whuut?

Niall Horan

According to The Sun, the One Direction O’Hotto has recently bought a house in the celebville community that the family lives in as he’ll be spending loads of time in America this year.

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“The guarded community where Niall lives when he’s in LA is a good investment – and it’s packed with celebrity neighbours. As well as the Kardashians, other residents include Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne and Jennifer Lopez.

“Niall wanted a permanent place in the States because One Direction will be spending a lot more time there this year and he didn’t want to stay in a string of hotels,"  an insider told The Sun.

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But if Nialler is going to live in this swanky community, then he’s going to have to muck in and do a bit of reality TV.

“He’s made friends already with his Kardashian neighbours and the younger Kardashian sisters love him and his Irish accent.

"They’re already talking about getting him on the family’s reality shows and they think he’s sure to say yes because he would find it funny.”

Brilliant. We know there’s a one million percent chance that this won’t happen, but if there’s any way Niall could be seen talking about vaginas (that’s all they ever do) with the family for at least one episode, then we will change our name to Kugarskape.

In the meantime let’s just enjoy the sight of Kiall Koran.

Seriously, Nialler, make this happen.

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