It's mid-week Scapers. And while Friday seems like a lifetime away, we've got the best thing to beat the Wednesday blues; another round of celebrity twit pics for your viewing pleasure. Woop woop.

We've got Cara Delevingne practising her terrifying facial expressions, Perrie Edwards posing with a pooch, and Nicole Scherzinger teaching us what the real meaning of 'volumized hair' is.

There's also Ellie Goulding getting close to a fit lad, Millie Mackintosh and Professor Green making the best out of the snow and Paramore enjoy the company of a certain bleach-bearded wrestler.


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One for insane faces, Cara Delevingne doesn’t disappoint with this mad snap after walking down the Chanel runway in Paris. Guess she took that make up a bit too seriously; careful love, that frock is designer you know!  






Ellie Goulding makes us all "hurumph" with jealousy as the gorgeous Jeremy Irvine gives her new hair a smooch...







We all know that Jessie loves posting selfies on her Instagram, but this one is golden. Anyone need tips on how to look like a fish? Jessie’s your girl






Director and close friend of Biebz Alfredo Flores posted this piccie of them meeting basketball legend Michael Jordan. J to the B also tweeted ‘I met MICHAEL JORDAN tonight! #SWAG.' We guess he was a tad excited, then.






Nicole Scherzinger (we will never learn to spell her name) gets ready  - or rather, her make up artist gets her ready for a photoshoot. Check out that barnet – eat your heart out Diana Ross.






Paramore prove that they have friends in high places as they pose with the one and only Hulk Hogan. Oh yeah, Nick Grimshaw's in the back too...but HULK HOGAN.






Purple Perry poses with a pretty pooch (oh the talent). Check out Zayn Malik in the background, bet you he’s checking Sugarscape on his phone, like a boss. HI ZAYN. WE CAN SEE YOU.




Millie and Prof Green look like they’re loving the wintery weather, despite returning from their hols a few days earlier. That snowman seems to be lacking a few important features...a FACE, perhaps?

That's all for now - any favs? Let us know!

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