Ed Sheeran's tattoo artist tells us about his "proper random" tattoos - Exclusive

One of the good things about being a celeb type is that you can have pretty much any ridiculous tattoo you want and no one can really have a go at you for it. Can they Ed Sheeran?

Now our Eddie’s not your average laaaad, so as you can imagine his tattoos reflect his personality which is a little bit odd and, well, Ed...

“I did the Pingu tattoos on Harry Styles and Ed Sheeran,” tattoo artist Kevin Paul told us.

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harry styles and ed sheeran

“Harry got Pingu written on his arm, and Ed had a picture of Pingu. I think it’s just because they liked him when they were kids.”

Kevin then went on to say what a randomer Edvard von Sheervan is.

“Ed's had the most random tattoos ever, he’s got a Lego head, Pingu, gingerbread man, he’s got puss in boots, he’s got street signs from America, a little ketchup sign – it’s proper random.

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“It’s all stuff that means something to him and all professionally done in a proper studio. I think a lot of people might say they don’t like his sleeve, but he likes it.”

Oh and don’t you go thinking now that Eddie’s some vacuous “yeah just do what you want wherever” type. He’s a man with a tattoo plan.

“The thing is when Ed gets tattooed he tells me what he wants and I do it exactly as he wants,” said Kevo.

“As long as the client’s happy I’ve done my job. He started a sleeve before he went to America so when he’s back we’ll do some more, but I think he’s in America for a long time so he might have new ideas. He was on about flying me to America over to him, but I’ve been offered some TV work now so I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it over.”

Alright big time.

What do you think of Eddie baby’s toots? Reckon they’re cool, or do they leave you shouting “Ow nooo”?

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