Caroline Flack and James Arthur go for sneaky drinks together...

If ever a pair of celebs need to admit that they might have a little thing for each other, it’s Caroline Flack and James Arthur, who were spotted making sneaky separate getaways from the same club last night, after apparently going for drinks together.

caroline flack

Cazza Flacky and Jamo left the Groucho Club in London through different exits after previously partying it up at the posh pre-Brit Awards shindig, but were spotted sharing drinks inside the Soho club. Oh come on, that means they were blatantly on a very romantic date and stared lovingly into each others eyes all night. DUH.

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Why do that unless you’ve got something to hide, hey? HEY? HEYYYY? ?Jamoline is so a thing.

Caroline wore a super snug dark cape coat with a maroon beanie, smokey eye makeup and a bold orangey red lip, whilst James looked dapper in his town coat, black jeans and slightly bizarre booty shoes. Seriously, what the proverbial are they?

James Arthur

After being a super sleuth and diving out the back exit in a flying forward roll (not really), Mr Arthur then drove off into the night with ANOTHER LADY. And it wasn't even Kimberley from Made in Chelsea, who he went out with a few weeks ago. Soz love.

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He later headed to the local corner shop to buy a packet of fags before heading home and apparently realising he’d lost his keys because he was just having so much fun. Or because he was too busy thinking about which female to show a bit of the Arthur love to.

james arthur

Do you like Caroline and James as a couple? Or are they better off just as X Factor mates?

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