Is Danielle Peazer Union J's Josh Cuthbert's arch-nemesis? His kryptonite?

For the male of the species we imagine that being around Danielle Peazer can be a bit of hazard. And not just because she’s got all bendy dance moves, or that her boyfriend Liam Payne is well’ard, OR that she looks like this:

Danielle Peazer


Union J’s Josh Cuthbert has literally been putting himself at risk of serious injury around la Peazer and this week risked death by inhaling toxic chemicals and having a serious fall. Kind of. Well, it depends how you view risk... BUT JUST READ THESE TWEETS.

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Look it’s been a very dull week and we’re craving some drama, so let’s all just take this as Peazerella made Joshy inhale some hairspray and while he was intoxicated and confused she tripped him up with a ninja dance move.

Oh and that Liam Payne Version Evil made her do it...

Seriously, it’s been a quiet week. Josh and Danielle, can you have some more drama for us to follow please? Maybe you could team up and turn George Shelley into an actual baby monkey.

Danielle Peazer: Liam Payne is NOT responsible for my career

Josh Cuthbert: I'm growing an afro

Liam Payne is Louis Tomlinson's evil puppetmaster

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