One Direction do Gangnam Style while Taylor Swift looks HOT on the NRJ Awards red carpet

Last night was the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes and gracing the dead swanky pants red carpet were both One Direction and Taylor Swift. Which is code for HARRY STYLES AND HIS EX. Ahem.

T Swizzle handled the awkward situation in the most awesome way known to man by looking like a millllllion bucks.

Taylor Swift


Oh hey Tay Tay, can we get a close up?

Taylor Swift


And while Swifty face rocked her sexy smoky, come to bed eyes, nude lips and sparkly dress, Hazza and his boys went Gangnam Style.

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One Direction


Want to see more pics of 1D looking like sexiness on the red carpet? THEN CLICK NEXT Y’ALL.

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Oh just talk to us...

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