Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards spotted leaving hotel after 'crisis talks' following cheating claims

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As you're probably aware, the WORLD WENT MENTAL yesterday when Zayn Malik was accused of cheating on Little Mix girlfriend Perrie Edwards with an Australian waitress.

Courtney Webb claims that she had a tumble around Zayn's bed after being invited back to his flash London pad following a night out last week - and provided some pics of someone who looks a lot like the Bradford Bad Boi havin' a snooze to boot.

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perrie edwards and zayn malik zayn and perrie

Now the Z-Dawg and Perrie are said to be attempting to sort things out, with Zayn flying back to the UK and heading straight Nottingham - where Little Mix are currently on tour - yesterday.

The pair were snapped leaving Pezza's hotel after alleged 'crisis talks' - and according to a source, are trying to work things out.

The insider told The Sun: "Perrie’s still deeply in love with Zayn. She’s very unlikely to end the relationship after this episode.

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"The fact that they are physically together speaks volumes. It looks like she’s willing to give him a second chance.

"Her friends and bandmates know she’s head-over-heels in love with him. But she’ll certainly be keeping a closer eye on him after this incident."

Zayn Malik accused of Cheating on Perrie Edwards

However, it seems that those close to Perrie aren't so forgiving - with one pal telling the Daily Record that friends are urging her to dump the Bradford Bad Boi.

"Her friends have been telling her that he’s a rat who will never change his ways," said the 'pal'. "They’ve been saying that she’s gorgeous and successful and should find a man who will treat her with the respect she deserves.”

It's all very dramatic. One thing is for certain, we wouldn't like to be on the wrong side of Ms. Edwards - she's one fiesty lady. Watch the video below if you don't believe us.


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