Harry Styles goes on cinema date with school friend in Glasgow and gets mobbed. Obviously.

While One Direction's Zayn Malik was being accused of getting down and dirty with an Australian waitress yesterday, his bandmate Harry Styles was enjoying the company of a pretty blonde gal in Glasgow.

Don't go sobbing into your Hazzeh doll at the prospect of the curly-haired lovebot being off the market again just yet though - because the female in question is Harry's school friend Ellis Calcutt, who is studying at Glasgow University.

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The pair were originally spotted enjoying some dinner in Pizza Hut before heading to the cinema by eagle-eyed fans, and word spread like WILDFIRE via the t'interweb that Harreh was in town.

A source told the Daily Record: "He and Ellis went to the cinema to see Movie 43. As expected, word had spread and there was a crowd waiting by the time he left.

“There was a great buzz about the place and he seemed in good spirits.

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"The staff helped try to smuggle him out the side entrance. He left with Ellis and the two of them got into a silver Mercedes and sped off.”

Ah, it's like something out of a (very low budget) James Bond movie.

harry styles ellis calcutt date

Apparently, things got slightly more mob like when Harry headed back to his pal's student flat for a party - with some claiming that he had to escape through a window and rush back to his hotel after huge crowds turned up hoping for a glimpse of his famous bonce.

So, what do you make of all that then did you - OH WAIT, WE NEARLY FORGOT THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THIS WHOLE STORY. 

Hold on to yer hats for this part people, because this is serious stuff. A waitress at the Pizza Hut visited by Harry and Ellis told The Daily Record:

“He had a BBQ Americano, which is one of the most popular pizzas. We are just so happy that he decided to pop in." 

Like we said - BIG NEWS. Did any of you lot spot Harreh in Glasgow?

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