Harry Styles and Taylor Swift lookalikes show us what a Haylor reunion could look like

Don’t fret, you don’t need to pinch yourself. This is not a terrifying nightmare and Haylor are NOT actually back together (well, as far as we know, it changes every freakin’ day).

But Jacob Skelton, the infamous Harry Styles lookalike has found himself a partner in crime to meddle with the hearts of Directioners up and down Directionerland, in the shape of a QUITE FRANKLY UNCANNY* Taylor Swift lookalike.

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*By uncanny we mean, well she’s got a blonde fringe and is wearing red lippie.

Haylor Lookalikes

It's like when you look at your reflection in a spoon, isnt it?

Jacob caused a huge stir in the press this week after according to The Sun, Arreh himself told friends “That’s absolutely hilarious. Superb. Good on Jake. I hope he’s having a good laugh.” Since then, Jacob has managed to get onto Daybreak, and more newspapers than you can shake an orange beanie at.

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Haylor Lookalikes

The kind-of-convincing double act turned up to the Radio One studios to try and blag their way in as part of a publicity stunt. Harry 2.0 even sported a fake I HEART TS tattoo to show that Haylor will live on forever.

We need to stop staring at these photos now. They’re creeping us out big time. He kind of looks like Harry Styles has been put in the washing machine and shrivelled up a bit. And Jacob’s hair has a much wider girth than Harry’s. Just sayin’.

Are you convinced by these Haylor lookalikes?

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