Taylor Swift and Hailee Steinfeld chillax in Paris, Tom Daley 'splashes' around and Rylan Clark parties it up in today's twitpic

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Yes, we know - it's Monday, the weather is crap and you're out of coffee. BOO. Don't fret, Sugarpuffs, our celebrities have been busy over the weekned taking some lovely snaps just for you.

We've got Taylor Swift having some girly time in the city of lurrvvee with Hailee Steinfeld, Cara Delevingne shows off her hat collection and Tom Daley is in his smalls YET again (don't act like you don't love it).

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There's also Ella Henderson with her new best friend, Millie Mackintosh and Co having a bit of a fash off, and Jessie J showing off a rather awkward 'do we're sure she'd like to forget.

Go go goooo!

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Being a mega famous fashion model has really gotten to Cara's head (literally)...she seems thinks she is a human hat stand. Standard.

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Ella Henderson tweeted this piccie of herself and, as she captioned it, ‘Uncle Simon’.

We wish our uncles were millionaires.




Jessie J shows us a 'back in the day' photo from, er, back in the day, when she used to model for hair professionals Vidal Sassoon. Dodgy fringe, uneven cut...HELLO 90's. LOVE IT.




Dahlings, check out this fashionable shot of the Made in Chelsea ladies. Looks like a whole bear was needed for that jacket though, Mills.




Fresh off the CBB boat, Rylan looks fresh, fierce and…yeah. Bet Speidi are well jel.




Looks like Swifty needed some quality time with her matie Hailee after her break up with Hazza, and Paris is the perfect place. Doesn't remind you of love or romance at all, does it....




Tom Daley with a bunch of semi naked ladies – it’s not like we haven’t seen THAT before. We could never get bored of TD in his undies though. Ever.

That's it for now, folks. Any favs? Let us know!

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