Lucy Spraggan shows off new lighthouse and ruby tattoos - pics

Lucy Spraggan is the latest showbizzy type to lay under Kevin Paul's inky hands, as she showed off two new pieces of artwork she got tattooed last night.

kevin paul and lucy spraggan

Displaying her giant new tatt of a lighthouse, Lucy explained; "They're a good omen for me, I have no idea why but good things happen when I see them.

"And yes, it's Rockcliffe Bay!"

How often do you see lighthouses, Lucy? We've only seen one real one in our entire lives and that's because we went on a GUIDED TOUR THERE. Maybe she lives in some kind of lighthouse hub.

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lucy spraggan ruby and lighthouse

Her other arm boasts a ruby - not a permanent inky tribute to Rihanna's Diamonds as we first thought - as it's one of Lucy's middle names.

Tattooist Kevin Paul is keeping busy tattooing the X Factor boys over the next few weeks, and has got some big plans for James Arthur.

"We’re redoing both his sleeves, going over all the old stuff and making them look really good," he told Sugarscape exclusively.

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lucy spraggan lighthouse tattoo

"At the minute it’s just a mis-match of everything, but we’re doing one like, gangster 'King Arthur' sleeve which will look really cool. Then the other one’s gonna be all like, just nice stuff. There’s a crown in there, and birds, and like a woman and candles and stuff like that, just a really nice sleeve."

What do you think of Lucy's new ink?

James Arthurs new tatts - pic

Kevin Paul on tattooing District3 and Union J

Pics: Instagram

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