Zayn Malik waitress gets death threats after cheating claims: 'we will find you and we will kill you'

Right, we realise that Zayn Malik possibly cheating on Perrie Edwards with an Australian waitress named Courtney Webb is pretty distressing. We're even aware that some people are very angry with Ms Webb for even SUGGESTING that she's seen Zayn's Maliks.

zayn malik one direction

However, it seems that some fans have taken things way too far - and actually sent death threats to Courtney.

One user wrote: "I'm gonna find that Courtney Webb and I'm gonna kill her" while another tweeted: "Courtney Webb....if the end of Zerrie is cause of you. WE WILL FIND YOU AND WE WILL KILL YOU. NUFF SAID."

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How very Liam Neeson.

courtney webb abuse

Some twitter users even went as far as to suggest Courtney should kill herself for selling her story. One (very angry) person wrote:"Courtney Webb, wherever you are.. Kill Yourself!!!"

C'mon people, MAKE LOVE NOT WAR. Actually, that probably wasn't the best expression to use considering the situation, was it?

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