Jeremy Irvine buys Ellie Goulding a hot water bottle & makes our insides go all squishy

HOLD THE FRICKIN' PHONE people, because we've got a new entry for 'the cutest couple of the year' award - Jeremy Irvine and Ellie Goulding.

'Well yes, they look very good together, but what have they done to deserve such an accolade?' we hear you cry.

Actually, it all involves a hot water bottle dressed up as a sheep.

Yup, it seems the Irfine was worried about Ellie's tootsies getting cold on these chilly winter evenings, and sent her a warming surprise to keep her cosy. AGH.

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Ellie - who has been dating Jezza for the past couple of months - instagrammed a photo of this hot water bottle along with the caption: "The boy sent me a hot water bottle for the coldy nights, um CUTE." 

ellie goulding hot water bottle

All this has got us wondering what other romantic gestures Jezza performs for his laydee. Things like:

1. Runs her a bath of milk after a particularly stressful day.

2. Personally makes candles infused with his own scent, so that she is reminded of him whenever she lights one.

3. Lays out a bed of flower petals, each perfect and free of any blemishes, for her to sleep on at night...

You get the idea. Anyone else want a boyfriend like Jeremy?

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Images: Instagram

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